The Sterling Bank/Amana Market Agro-Processor Loan

The Sterling Bank/Amana Market Agro-Processor Loan
The Sterling Bank/Amana Market Agro-Processor Loan

Coamana stands tall as one of the solution-based companies to work intentionally towards developing commercially, market-enabling digital technologies to close Africa’s largest economic gaps. With several projects geared towards strengthening the economic value chain, we’ve recently hit a milestone in ensuring access to funds amongst other things. This helps us fulfil one of our key mandates: providing low-income and small agro businesses with access to amenities.

To have a hand in Africa’s economic growth would require being able to oversee the development and growth of various existing processes. Which is why CoAmana through it’s digital platform Amana Market has partnered with Sterling Bank to offer this Agro-Processor Loan opportunity to give up to 50 Agro-Processors between the ages of 18-35 non-interest loans of up to ₦20,000,000 each!

How to Access the Agro-Processor Loan

The Agro-processor loan project with Sterling Bank will help increase agricultural productivity and production, improve processing and marketing, foster job creation, and increase household livelihood in participating states. 

Eligibility for this loan requires the following:

  1. A filled Profitability Analysis
  2. CAC Registration Certificate
  3. A Recent 12 months Bank Statement
  4. Evidence of processing mills and storage facilities or proof of a mill or storage facility you use to process your produce.

Kindly fill out the form below and provide all necessities.

Click Here to Apply

This Social Enterprise functions as a broker connecting buyers to producers and vice versa. Learn more about Coamana and What we do and unlike the typical click here to order model, this type of social enterprise does not sell or market clients’ products; rather it connects clients to markets.

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