What we do

Our Mission

We aim to support market linkages in Africa, connecting farmers and small businesses to markets, and strengthening trade and supply chains. We do so through the development of our technology (Amana Market) and projects (i.e. research, impact and pilot projects that align with our digitization objectives).

Our mission is firstly supported through Amana Market, which is a vertical software for agricultural trade that creates faster, safer and more reliable transactions.

Secondly, we conduct experiments, research and pilot projects in areas that support our digitization objectives and impact. We also employ behavioral economics tools.

Usually, our projects revolve around: Research and development for product development, Climate conscious linkages, Quality of small business and farmer output, Digital uptake and behavior, Financial services credit and insurance, Data-driven solutions and business models

Lastly, we host the Amana Community Supported Agriculture Day which is aimed at creating strong networks of trust and consciousness as well as facilitating open discussion between farmers and agriculture stakeholders.

Core services

Core services

Amana Market Community Supported Agriculture Day

The Amana Market Community Supported Agriculture Day (CSA Day) is a yearly event that brings together farmers and conscious consumers interested in buying fresh affordable produce directly from the source. At CSA Day our affiliate farmers showcase their best produce while connecting with consumers.