About us

About Coamana

Founded in 2018, Coamana is a Technology Company that is evolving market hubs and systems with the goal of optimum impact on people, trade, and environment.

How We Work

Market Hubs

We mirror each market hub with its unique possibilities and tailor our tech solutions to mirror their market and activities online.

Partnership for Growth

By collaborating closely with other industry experts and innovators, we can achieve more together.

Tailored Tech Solutions

Armed with insights from our field engagements, we craft a customized technology solution (Amana Market).

Community Support

We continuously track and analyze data points to gauge the positive changes our solutions bring.


Did you know Africa boasts over 8000 medium to large physical market hubs and an astounding 100,000+ small hubs? 


These aren’t just business hotspots; they’re the heartbeat of countless livelihoods, shaping trade, communities, and the environment.

Our Team

Hafsah Jumare

Chief Executive Officer

Alfred Olajide

Chief Product Officer

Samir Abubakar

Chief Technology Officer

Nasir Mohammed

Director, Impact

Kennedy Mutisya

Director, Software

Luqman Hussein

Director, Research and Data

Hauwa Muazu

Human Resource Manager

Raphael Oyeyemi

Finance Manager, Nigeria

Eric Maina

Finance Manager, Kenya

Gift Okoh

Design Lead

Mercy Ngahu

Head of Sales, Kenya

Samuel Esike

W.E.E Project Manager

Usman Musa

Research and Data Officer

Ruth Kinuthia

Comms Officer, Kenya

Folafunmi Mustapha

Frontend Developer

Maureen Unogu

Comms Officer, Nigeria

Veronica Chekuzo

Call Center Lead

Timothy Mwangi

Sales Manager, Kenya

Amina Saulawa

Call Center, Nigeria

Sadiqa Sadiq

Sales Manager, Nigeria

Auwalu Sani

Sales Manager, Nigeria

Fischer Williams

Sales Manager, Nigeria

Carol Kunyera

Call Center, Kenya

Khalifah Sanni

Call Center, Nigeria

Grace Philip

Call Center, Nigeria

Joel Njebere

Sales Manager, Kenya

Caren Watiri

Call Center, Kenya

Catherine Njuguna

Sales Manager, Kenya

Our Partners

Mercy Corps Agrifin

Agricultural Markets Systems Technology


Farm to Table Digital Systems


Climate Resilience and Mitigation in Digital Systems for Farmers

Bayer Foundation

Women Digital Economic Empowerment

European Commission

Farm to Table Digital Systems


Behavior of Women Buyers and Financial Products


Consumer Digital Fraud Knowledge and Response


Weather and Best Practice Information Systems


Behavior of Women Buyers and Financial Products


Consumer Digital Fraud Knowledge and Response


Agent Network Structure Formation and Co-creation