Participants of CSA Day Kenya 2023

Celebrating Excellence: Reliving the CSA Day Experience

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Day held at Nairobi’s Safari Park Hotel was an exhilarating celebration of agricultural excellence and knowledge sharing. Orchestrated by

The Transformation of Wanjohi Market via Trade Support

One of the stalls in Wanjohi Market Located at the heart of Kenya, Wanjohi Market stands as a thriving trading center that vividly demonstrates

Harnessing Synergy: A Multistakeholder Strategy for Tackling Business Challenges in Market Hubs

Price tags of different products in Kenya market In Kenya, market hubs have always played a pivotal role in the daily lives of citizens.

Demolition in Area 1 Market, Abuja: The Impact on Businesses

Demolished parts of Area 1 Market, Abuja, Nigeria. Area 1 Market has long been the bustling center for general traders and small to medium

The Devastating Impact of the Niger Coup

Stall spaces in Maigatari Market, Jigawa, Nigeria. The recent coup in Niger has unleashed a series of events that have profoundly affected neighboring towns

The Impact of the Situation in Niger Republic on Local Markets

A quiet day at MaiGatari Market, Jigawa State, Nigeria The coup that took place in Niger Republic on 26th July 2023, has sent shockwaves