Making Local Trade Better: How We Can Improve Our Trade Networks

Coamana is like a helpful friend in our local markets, connecting farmers, market hubs, and folks who buy their goods in cool ways. To make our community grow stronger, our mission remains steadfast in leveraging technology to drive the evolution of local agricultural market systems and trade for greater efficiency, transparency, and equity. By making […]

Celebrating Our Local Markets: A Look Back at CSA Day’s Event

Last year in Kenya, we had an awesome event that wasn’t just a gathering – it was a big party celebrating local farmers, traders, and partners. This event aimed to connect rural farmers and trade networks to the urban atmosphere where we turned it into a lively showcase of community and smart farming. Imagine a […]

Women’s Economic Empowerment Project: Transforming Lives in Rural Communities

Micheal Schwall’s visit with all partners at Coamana’s office in Abuja. Supported by Bayer Foundation, the Women’s Economic Empowerment Project is dedicated to uplifting women, particularly those engaged in agriculture and its related industries, by enhancing their income and business capabilities. The project aims to address various challenges faced by women in agriculture and its […]

Celebrating Excellence: Reliving the CSA Day Experience

Participants of CSA Day Kenya 2023

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Day held at Nairobi’s Safari Park Hotel was an exhilarating celebration of agricultural excellence and knowledge sharing. Orchestrated by CoAmana, the event was a beacon of collaboration. Over 120 farmers, each a custodian of their community’s rich agricultural heritage, converged at the CSA Day event from 40 diverse farming communities. […]

The Transformation of Wanjohi Market via Trade Support

One of the stalls in Wanjohi Market

One of the stalls in Wanjohi Market Located at the heart of Kenya, Wanjohi Market stands as a thriving trading center that vividly demonstrates the beneficial effects of trade support on the livelihoods of its traders. This dynamic marketplace has experienced a remarkable metamorphosis, all thanks to programs focused on enhancing the prosperity and economic […]

Demolition in Area 1 Market, Abuja: The Impact on Businesses

Demolished parts of Area 1 Market, Abuja, Nigeria.

Demolished parts of Area 1 Market, Abuja, Nigeria. Area 1 Market has long been the bustling center for general traders and small to medium scale businesses. Some of these businesses have seen a transformation unfold (the demolition of parts of Area 1 market) in recent weeks that has changed their daily lives. Let us look […]

The Devastating Impact of the Niger Coup

Stall spaces in Maigatari Market, Jigawa, Nigeria.

Stall spaces in Maigatari Market, Jigawa, Nigeria. The recent coup in Niger has unleashed a series of events that have profoundly affected neighboring towns and businesses, disrupting the daily lives and overall well-being of individuals and small-scale traders along its borders. In a region where trade and connectivity are vital for improving livelihoods, the recent […]