Making Local Trade Better: How We Can Improve Our Trade Networks

Coamana is like a helpful friend in our local markets, connecting farmers, market hubs, and folks who buy their goods in cool ways. To make our community grow stronger, our mission remains steadfast in leveraging technology to drive the evolution of local agricultural market systems and trade for greater efficiency, transparency, and equity.

By making it easier for farmers and shoppers to bond, talk, and understand each other, Coamana can create a smoother way for existing market systems and farming communities to know what people want and for shoppers to learn where their produce comes from.

Imagine buying fresh local veggies with just a tap on your phone! We are using the internet to make a special place where farmers show what they have, and shoppers can pick what they want. This makes it easy for everyone to get the best local products without leaving their home.

Cooperative and Farmers Team-Up

We strategically help communities work better together. When farmers share ideas, tools, and support, it makes the process of producing new and healthier crops easier. Here, we come in to add the much-needed coaching through best practice campaigns to help tackle challenges and disseminate the very much-needed knowledge. This teamwork between us and the rural sectors can make our local trade network stronger.

With the right opportunity to harness data for market efficiency, modern supply chains, and agribusinesses have been emerging in Africa. We ensure small-scale farmers pool resources, share knowledge, and collectively scale and access larger markets.

By making market access easy, helping farmers work together, promoting earth-friendly practices, and teaching us more about our local market, we strive to make our community even stronger. The future looks exciting, with adequate infrastructure leading the way to improve our trade networks and help our local markets grow.