Women’s Economic Empowerment Project: Transforming Lives in Rural Communities

Micheal Schwall’s visit with all partners at Coamana’s office in Abuja.

Supported by Bayer Foundation, the Women’s Economic Empowerment Project is dedicated to uplifting women, particularly those engaged in agriculture and its related industries, by enhancing their income and business capabilities.

The project aims to address various challenges faced by women in agriculture and its value chain, including farming, trading, logistics, packaging, and processing. Recognizing the crucial role of health services in empowering women, we are working alongside Advantage Africa and Healthy Entrepreneurs to ensure access to vital healthcare in remote areas. Over 2,500 women will be impacted by this and on the health aspect 100 pharmacy technicians will be deployed to provide essential health services directly to women in these remote communities.

In addition to healthcare, the project focuses on providing women with essential resources and support to thrive in their respective industries. At Coamana, we will give these women access to market opportunities, insurance coverage, weather forecasts, and agricultural information. By equipping women with these tools, we aim to empower them to assume leadership positions and contribute meaningfully to decision-making processes, often dominated by men in their communities.

Over the next three years, we aspire to impact the lives of 2,500 women, providing them with opportunities for skill development, leadership training, and access to essential health services. To facilitate market access and eliminate barriers, we will be onboarding them to our digital platform, Amana Market, where women can buy and sell their products seamlessly and without location barriers.

To ensure the sustainability of their businesses, they will also have access to our insurance scheme that covers the entire transaction process, safeguarding women from potential losses due to logistical challenges. Additionally, as we are working with organizations like AFEX, women engaged in these local communities will have access to credit facilities and warehousing services, enabling them to scale their operations effectively.

The Jennifer Etuh Foundation is also a vital partner in this project, offering complex surgical procedures and skill acquisition programs to further support women’s health and well-being. Women enrolled in the WEE program will have access to these services, enhancing their overall quality of life.

With this symbiotic relationship among the 5 partners of this project (Coamana, AFEX, Jennifer Etuh Foundation, Healthy Entrepreneurs, and Advantage Health Africa), we will be working together with all other stakeholders to ensure we provide value on health and improve economic outcomes for these women.

To Kickstart this program, we had a stakeholder engagement on January 17th to introduce the program to all partners and stakeholders. The hotspot for this project is Jema’a Local govt and Kagoro town in Kaura LGA and during the stakeholder engagement, all leadership of the beneficiaries were present.

Courtesy visit from WEE partners and Bayer Consultant, Micheal Schwall to Kafanchan Municipal Authority

We had the commissioner of the municipal area where this project is piloting, the local govt chairman, local chiefs and chiefdoms, market leaders, Kaduna state ministry of Health, and farmers cooperatives all in attendance. To shed more light on the impact of the project in their community.

In January, Michael Schwall, a consultant from Bayer Foundation, visited our office in Abuja to ensure alignment with project goals and deliverables. His visit included meetings with project partners and field visits to project sites, reaffirming our collective commitment to empowering women in rural areas.

Our Director of Impact, Nasir Mohammed, along with designated project managers from each partner organization, is dedicated to ensuring the success and sustainability of this transformative project. By providing women with the necessary resources, knowledge, and empowerment, we aim to enforce lasting change and economic upscale in their communities.

Women’s Economic Empowerment Project represents a significant opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women in rural communities. By fostering collaboration and leveraging the expertise of our partners, we are confident in our ability to create lasting change and unlock the full potential of women entrepreneurs in agriculture and beyond.