The Devastating Impact of the Niger Coup

Stall spaces in Maigatari Market, Jigawa, Nigeria.

Stall spaces in Maigatari Market, Jigawa, Nigeria. The recent coup in Niger has unleashed a series of events that have profoundly affected neighboring towns and businesses, disrupting the daily lives and overall well-being of individuals and small-scale traders along its borders. In a region where trade and connectivity are vital for improving livelihoods, the recent […]

The Importance of Trust in Agriculture

by Ruth Kinuthia In the agricultural business, interactions between farmers and consumers, supply chains, and regulatory frameworks are just a few of the areas where trust is significant. For the following main reasons, trust is essential in agriculture: Building trust is crucial to guaranteeing food safety. Farmers and food producers are relied upon by consumers […]

Fields of Trust

In the sun-kissed plains of Northern Nigeria, you will find a myriad of vibrant communities of farmers. Among them in the community of Jahun, a diligent farmer, Aminu, is known for his unwavering commitment and humble spirit. As the seasons come and go, Aminu’s journey unfolds, revealing the profound significance of trust in the lives […]

The Farmer’s Community

From the little time I have spent on Earth, I have had the privilege of witnessing the magic of various professions. However, the profession that has spurred my interest the most is farming. A long time ago, I attempted to join my grandmother at her farm and as you can imagine it did not go […]

Value of the Community for the Growth/Success of a Farmer

by Ruth Kinuthia Farmers have played and continue to play a crucial role in ensuring that there is sufficient food to feed the populace. Farmers must be able to manage the farm, the harvest, the livestock, and the capital to ensure a fruitful harvest and beneficial business. Nonetheless, farming is not a lone enterprise; it […]

The Importance of Matching Demand and Supply in Fresh Produce Markets

Written by Luqman Hussien Traders often face losses when they attempt to sell their produce in the agricultural value chain. This is especially true for traders in the fresh produce market. 4 of the key reasons contributing to this include: These are some of the key factors driving trader losses when trading agricultural produce. Needless […]

The Implication of Change

It is a well-known old wives’ tale in Nigerian that your cooking gas and other supplies often finish at the most ill-conceived time, making sure that you have to jump through hoops just to restock. This is a story of one such time. Today, after a long day of meetings and deadlines, I finally decided […]

A Farmer and You

In the course of our daily life, we often make decisions that have farther-reaching impacts than we realise. Take for instance your weekly trip to the market to restock fresh vegetables or your quick stop at the supermarket after work to buy eggs or milk for breakfast the next morning. These seemingly simple actions connect […]

Why Trust?

A man walks to a stall in the market, he purchases foodstuff he expects to last his family the whole month and realizes he needs more cash. Leaving his goods there, he tells the trader he will be right back. He walks off leaving his goods and cash with the trader. He is not concerned […]

Building Trust with Users of New Digital Solutions

Trust, a psychological state comprised of real or perceived vulnerability and openness with another person or entity in anticipation of a positive outcome is imperative when introducing new technology in any niche. Particularly, to end users not familiar with adapting to technological innovations or end users unwilling to change from the current processes and protocols […]