The Start of Something New

Dear readers,

Since the last time you heard from us, so much has happened; we have grown, we have learnt, our goals are much closer and we are excited to share it all with you as you join us on our journey. Join us as we start something new.

Sometimes we reminisce on how far we have come from our tiny office space in Abuja  to where we are now. We now have a staff of over 30 across Nigeria and Kenya.

We have had to unlearn and learn as we pursued our dream. The experience we gained along the way has shaped us into a formidable African company that is capable of solving the problems within our purview. 

In the last 4 years we have dedicated ourselves to building our product; Amana Market and so far we have over 150,000 farmers transacting, over 1,200 farmers with insurance in 2020 and over 10,000 access financial services in 2021.

Recently, we sat down with one of our active agents in Kaduna, Titilayo to hear what she had to say regarding her experience using Amana Market so far; “They told us they will link us to the farmers to cover the price gap from what we get in the market”… “I use that platform and they will give you what you want” … “I have bought and I have sold to some people. I added a little amount on each bag so it improved my income too”. Feedback such as these validate our experience so far and we believe that as you join us in our journey forward, you too will share in our victories.

We invite you to join us as we take the next step into achieving a collective goal for Africa and the world.